The Faces of Our Organization

founded in 2021, Global Wake up Movement Inc. has developed and grown in a positive direction. We’re very proud of the diversity of our staff, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. Find out more about some of our team members below.



CEO, Co Founder, Co-Chairman

Shakiji Malik Abdul aka Zulu King Shakiji as named in the Universal Zulu Nation is 35+ years of experience in the Entertainment - Music, Content Creation, Media Industries.

a  Global Urban Activist, Global Humanitarian, and a Visionary, an American Music- Executive, Digital Content, Media Distribution Executive, Current CEO-Co-founder of the following companies; Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC, Kulturezine Music Group LLC, Kulture Apparel LLC. to name a few. also a Former A&R Executive Director for several major and indie labels, a Marketing Director, Music & Film Producer, Radio Show host, Radio Station Owner & Producer, Radio Promoter, and former Club/Radio DJ.
Shakiji Graduated Cum Laude from the University of Seattle (A.A) minor in Global History & the University of California Riverside (B.A) Majoring in Business Management and Minor in Urban Branding & Marketing, Digital Global Brand Building.

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Co Founder, Co- Chairman, Director of Marketing &  Branding

CEO of Backspin Musiq

CEO of NuSoul Collective

Anthony is the President, Co-Founder of the 1954 Global Marketing Group LLC.

He is a Self-made entrepreneur in the rugged fields of Artist Management, Agent, Marketing, Promotion & Consulting.

•President, C.E.O, Talent Agent, Specialist. Consultant & A&R.

•CEO of five successful Entertainment companies & also sits on the board of 13 others

•Over 10 years in the legal field as a paralegal for firms in Chicago & Detroit

•“Super Agent”, to Celebrity Producers at NBC & CBS networks.

•Owner of a nationally known Booking Agency.

Through sponsor relations, Mr. Jordan is well known by his partnership association, which includes but not limited to:

National events, Concerts & Corporate Fundraiser’s, throughout the years.


Co- Founder, Co- Chairperson, Legendary Hip Hop Artist, Artist on Album

Cheryl L. Cook a-k-a “Cheryl the Pearl” formerly of “The Sequence”. Cheryl joined forces with 2 of her best friends; Gwendolyn Chisolm and Angie Brown. They decided to put a group together and later became “The Sequence”. On their journey to becoming the best female rap group of that era, they met Sylvia Robinson at the Township Auditorium in 1979. The girl group was asked to sing at one of the Sugar Hill Gang’s shows, where they performed an original piece written by Cheryl Cook called “Funk You UP”. Immediately Mrs. Robinson took them under her wings and said, “One day, they would be stars”! Not long after that, she made good on her promise and The Sequence became the first female rappers to sell over 500,000 units of a 12’ inch single in the history of Hip Hop. Cheryl also wrote for the Sugar Hill Gang, such songs as 8th Wonder, Apache, & In the Fast Lane. For the West Street Mob, she wrote, Let’s Dance & Break Dance. Her writing abilities didn’t stop there because she wrote a lot of the songs for The Sequence, such as Funk you up, Tear the Roof Off, and Monster Jam. Cheryl is now on a new quest. She is in the process of starting up her own company; Black Bottom Entertainment, LLC, and under her label she will be the first to drop her new Come Back CD. Her company will reflect her imagine; therefore this promises to be a new part of history. Her first single will be entitled: Got Love, which was written by Cheryl Cook. “Cheryl the Pearl”.



Executive Director, President

Tammy Williams brings more than 30 years of experience working with the underprivileged youth and educating urban communities. She is dedicated, honest, trustworthy, humble, and strategic in her implementation process. She is experienced with organizing events that aid in the growth and wellness of people. Ms. Williams’ integrity is impeccable. Moreover, she has a great repoire and credibility within the Bay Area. Her educational achievements include a BA  in Liberal Studies, BS in Math and Science, A Business Degree in Accounting, MA in Educational Leadership Specialization in Diverse Organizations, and currently, she is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of the Rockies. Ms. Williams has devoted her life to being an agent of positive change.



Executive Director of Media Relations

Teffany Malone is an effective communicator and a skillful writer. Her educational portfolio includes a BA in communication, MA Degree In Education Leadership Specialization Technology, and she is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Higher Education Leadership and Policy program. Teffany is extremely skillful in a variety of computer applications and technological programs. She brings a decade of skill and knowledge to the team. In addition, she is a teacher, songwriter, vocalist, and producer. She is a great asset to the team.


Executive Director of A&R

A talent ahead of her time growing up in Paterson, NJ where music made a huge Impact from Hip Hop to R & B every Saturday at the well know CCP Recreation Center (Christopher Columbus Project), Shanell "RED" Irving at the age of 14 would sneak in to watch rap groups like Force MD's, LL Cool J, Whodini, Cold Crush Brothers and Run DMC because rapping was her passion. She was inspired the day she heard "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang and "Do You Wanna Rock" by Sequence, which back then had member Angie B, better known as (Angie Stone). It was at that moment Shanell made the conscious decision to become a singer and songwriter.

Determined to make her mark in music, Shanell answered to several business opportunities, while establishing both professional and personal relationships, she went from managing KRS1, The Fushnickens & Adeva, to hanging out with Force MD's, Cut Master DC, D-Moet, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and RIFF to name a few. Her love for music along with absorbing what she could from the artist she hung with encouraged her to form her own female group: "Thik" (pronounced Thick). Presenting great talent and with the use of her connections, the group got a label deal with Pocket Town/EMI.

Writing and producing their own songs, as well as helping their label mates like Billie Lawrence and Crucial Conflict, helped to enhance their status as the next writing phenomenon. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the label folded and "Thik" was without a record deal. Members of the group decided to go their separate ways with the exception of Shanell and Tenesha, who seemed to share a strong faith and believed that more doors would open.



Make a Difference Today

We Build Black Business and we at Global Wake-up Movement Inc. are apart of that building. We want to spread our message of hope and compassion. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through advocacy and outreach activities, our team works tirelessly each day to contribute their part to the greater good.

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